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PRENTA ART specializes in international art sales, organizing and publishing international art competitions, curating exhibitions, and identifying potential artists. Based in China, we actively promote the integration and development of art from all over the world with an open and inclusive vision. sales
PRENTA ART has a rich library of art works, including various art forms of painting, calligraphy, and strives to provide the latest, most unique and most beautiful art works. We provide professional art investment advice and services to individuals, institutions and investors, both online and offline.

2. Art competitions and exhibitions
PRENTA ART regularly organizes and publishes international art competitions, providing a platform for artists from all over the world to showcase their talents. We invite internationally renowned artists, critics and curators to serve as judges to ensure the impartiality and professionalism of the competition. At the same time, we also hold exhibitions for the winning artists to showcase their work and raise their awareness.

3.the artist curates the exhibition
PRENTA ART has a professional curatorial team, who dig deep into promising artists, curate exhibitions for them, and provide comprehensive support. We not only provide exhibition venues and financial support for artists, but also promote their works through various channels to help them expand their influence.

4. Tap potential artists
PRENTA ART is always aware of new developments and emerging artists in the global art world, and is committed to discovering and developing artistic talents with potential. We provide opportunities for the next generation of artists to showcase their talents and promote the sustainable development of the art world by holding competitions, collaborating galleries and launching emerging artists.

As a professional art promotion agency; PRENTA ART always adheres to the principle of art as the core, culture as the soul, and market as the driving force, and strives to provide high-quality art experience for art lovers around the world. We believe that through our efforts, more people can understand and appreciate art and feel the charm of art.
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